Brand Spotlight: PURPOSE Jewelry

By Narie Clothing
February 25, 2018

NARIE wholeheartedly supports brands that align to our mission and values of giving back to disadvantaged women and children and enabling them to their unbound potential. Today our post shines light upon Purpose Jewelry, a company that sells handcrafted jewelry from survivors of human trafficking.

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– Article taken from The Honest Consumer blog, written by Emily.

Purpose Jewelry
 sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry created by survivors of human trafficking.

The social enterprise Purpose Jewelry was created as part of the non-profit International Sanctuary, which provides care and support for survivors. By selling jewelry, Purpose is able to provide funding for their sister non-profit, International Sanctuary, while teaching survivors skills of employment.

Co-founder, Stephanie felt called to action after traveling to India for a short term mission trip. She noticed a gap between the rescue and healing of the survivors. Stephanie saw there was very little support, few jobs, and girls were at high risk of returning to trafficking. In 2007 co-founders, Wendy and Stephanie, opened the International Sanctuary in Mumbai which would provide a supportive community for girls to heal and rediscover themselves. International Sanctuary partnered with International Justice Mission and different after care homes to find survivors who are right for their program. Eventually Purpose Jewelry was started to provide employment and make the non-profit self-sustaining. Jewelry was made by the survivors in India and shipped to California to be sold to consumers.

Today, Purpose Jewelry employs around 30 fulltime women in India and has created a short term job training program for survivors in Orange County, California. Since launching, International Sanctuary and Purpose Jewelry have served over 300 women in India. International Sanctuary recently launched an Academy program which provides survivors with education, health care, and social workers to assist with the healing process. International Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a supportive community, allowing survivors to rediscover their confidence. Survivors have gone on to find other jobs, further their education, and get married. One survivor even went onto law school with the encouragement and financial assistance of International Sanctuary.

On a larger scale, International Sanctuary is hoping to open a total of ten sanctuaries by 2020 and expand their program to other countries. They just opened a sanctuary in Mexico and are planning to open one in Uganda. YOU can help International Sanctuary and Purpose Jewelry accomplish this mission by purchasing Purpose Jewelry.

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