Charity Spotlight: Harmony House

By Narie Clothing
March 18, 2018

Since Narie's conception and launch, we have worked closely and hand-in-hand with Harmony House India to help promote women and children find their voices and achieve access to education, from visiting in-person in Gurgaon to donating proceeds. Harmony House is a day shelter in Gurgaon, India that employs local women and works to ensure that local children will continue to have a nurturing shelter to turn to for education, clean water, nutritious food, accessible hygiene, and more resources. And as one of the two current charities we back, Harmony House receives a large part of up to ten percent of proceeds made from every purchase made at NARIE.

Continue reading to learn more about Harmony House's beginnings, vision, projects, and more.


– Information taken from the Harmony House India bio


What is Harmony House?

Harmony House is an Indian registered, non-profit organisation in Gurgaon, just outside of Delhi, India.

With much dedication and support, the organization has grown from two villas into full-time community centres for women and children, where they are offered offer education, food, medication, hygiene facilities and social services to women and children living in the near by slums.

Harmony House relies 100% on kind donations and contributions to run Harmony House. Every donation, no matter how big or small is spent on improving the lives of those who are most in need.

They are dedicated to improving the lives of our children on a physical, emotional and intellectual level and aim to give enriching and memorable experiences to each and every child. They're also in the process of registering ourselves as a UK charity organisation.

Focus on Children

Harmony House’s key objectives are to provide a safe, fun, educational and a loving environment for children and women living in the near by slums. With many of its children attending school only for a few hours in the morning or not at all, Harmony House allows the children to break away from the harsh climate of their usual surroundings and spend their free time in enjoyable, stimulating and nurturing surroundings. The shelters also provide breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to all, hygiene facilities, medication and social services.

Harmony House has started vocational classes for the older kids to help them have a better future. The courses currently offered focus on yoga, stitching and beauty. The objective is to train these kids so by the time they are 18 they can pick up respectable jobs and have enough training and experience to back them up.

Focus on Women and the Community

Harmony House strives to provide benefits and create alliances with the entire surrounding community. Where possible, their essential purchases, whether it be vegetables, stationary or toiletries, are supplied by a local vendor thus making all donations advantageous not just for Harmony House but for the whole area. The mothers of attending children are encouraged to come and participate in the daily events at Harmony House. This ensures that mothers can work while also subsequently receiving childcare. Because Harmony House accepts children from 0-16 years, the whole family is welcome and more importantly, together. Women can earn a wage by helping within the facility.

Please visit Harmony House India's website to see more of their work and discover additional ways to support the shelter.

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