About Us

How We Started

NARIE was founded in 2016 after our first-hand observation of the abuse of women and children in India subjected to harsh work conditions and their deprivation of the right to an education. Our mission is to help the millions of abused and disadvantaged women and children in third world countries find a voice and achieve access to an education.

In addition to being a shopping destination for unique goods produced by emerging talent, NARIE is a place where end-consumers can purchase clothing and accessories that help them make a difference. Consumers also have the opportunity to learn about different designers, what inspires them, and the difference their products make on women and children who benefit from the company’s contributions.


What is NARIE?

NARIE is an online marketplace platform that sells clothing and accessories designed and ethically produced by local and international designers. With every purchase at NARIE, you have an opportunity to help women and children conquer social injustice in addition to achieving financial independence. 

We donate 10% of our sales to charities that help empower disadvantaged women and children in third world countries.

DESIGNERS who sell their merchandise on NARIE must comply with the company’s ethical auditing standards.Products feature a description that detail the vision of the designer behind the piece.

Ethical Audit Standards

  • Clothes and accessories are produced in exchange for fair wage standards in the local community.
  • Underage children are not employed to produce clothing or accessories.
  • Women and men who produce clothing and accessories are working in an environment that has functioning electricity, running water, proper ventilation and designated bathroom facilities.
  • Facilities are free of toxic fumes and have proper ventilation.
  • Facilities have a disaster protocol in place in case of an emergency such as a fire or earthquake.
  • Facilities conduct one earthquake and one fire drill annually and train its workforce on proper protocol in case of an emergency.
  • Facilities are built according to code and inspected annually to ensure their safety in the event of a disaster.
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